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Peasant Male Norway steam
Back from the ashes 
Nothing to see here, move along.

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2002-10-08 11:25:38
Peasant Male Norway steam
Back from the ashes 
: : : No, I didn't say that...

: : It's simply because he doesn't want to show people the horrible code, right?

: No, it isn't just because of the horribleness of the code.  That might be part of it... but that isn't the main reason.

: And even if I did have inside information that Dink Smallwood 2 was, say, going to be released tomorrow at 4 p.m. PST, I wouldn't give any hints, or admit it...

: Erm, yeah.

Pfft, you have already revealed yourself, haven't you? MWAHAHA!

Phoenix has released 3 files

Movie2000 TutorialDevelopment, TutorialGood 7.5July 22nd, 2003
Easy DinkCDevelopment, UtilityGood 8.9October 5th, 2001
Emerald Hunt (The)D-Mod, DemoGood 7.1December 30th, 2000

Phoenix has written 7 reviews

None of These Midis Are New 16 Best MidiNormalHorrible 0.3May 3rd, 2002
This Pack is Packed with Awesome Midis 374 MidisNormalGood 7.4May 3rd, 2002
This Program is So Unfinished D-Mod Development SuiteNormalHorrible 1.6April 23rd, 2002
Advanced? Not Advanced Graphics TutorialNormalTolerable 3.0April 22nd, 2002
This is a Smart Solution To an Otherwise Annoying Detail SkeletonNormalExceptional 9.9January 28th, 2002
This Game is One of the Best Ever Made Dink SmallwoodNormalExceptional 9.9January 28th, 2002
I had Very Much Use For This When I Decided To Learn All the Secrets of the Dink Dink.ini IndexNormalFair 5.2January 28th, 2002