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Peasant Male Norway steam
Back from the ashes 
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2003-02-04 10:59:19
Peasant Male Norway steam
Back from the ashes 
: : : Dink is placed to a screen (script_attach, player map change etc), then a follower sprite is created (spawn("friend")) and end of that script. On the screen is some other object, whose script the below is:

: : : void main( void )

: : : {

: : : freeze(1);

: : : wait(200);

: : : move_stop(1, 8, 300, 0);

: : : freeze(&sprite2);

: : : fade_up();

: : : say_stop("I'm saying things just for an example!", &sprite2);

: : : unfreeze(1);

: : : unfreeze(&sprite2);

: : : }

: : : And sprite2 doesn't say a thing.. anyone?

: : Make sure you know where &sprite2 comes from. At least you're not telling us that, darling.

: : But I can make some assumptions. This is attached to some totally out-of-the-meaning object (since you don't just use &current_sprite as the sprite). You are sure this script runs after the script that creates the &sprite2 sprite? (You know, the order of which scripts are run is totally undecideable, and as I see it, &sprite2 may not yet have been made, considering that there is no create_sprite(); in this script, anyway). This is kind of hard to explain.. but you say you make the "friend sprite" by using spawn("friend"). (I assume this friend sprite is put in &sprite2) But how can you be sure that is run before this script is? You can't. You just can't. Anyway, it's stupid of me making assumptions, I need a wider idea of what you're doing to help you further (by seeing all the scripts involved for instance, and how you spawn this and that, and where &sprite2 came from, and so on)

: There's a first script. That's where it teleports dink to that screen. Then, there's the spawn command for sprite2, which is a global int.

: That script there is for a guy already standing on the screen, actually, and i stuck in the wait piece so that the spawn script would have time to run through first..

: but if that doesn't ensure that the sprite will first be spawned, then HOW should i place the scripts?

: first teleport, then the talking seq with just some mic sprite created, and then fadein and spawn the stuff? *hehe* sounds like a plan.

: no, you tell me?

eh.. send me this in the mail, and tell me what's wrong there, and I'll have a look at it. This is getting a little bit too complicated.

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