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Advanced Graphics Tutorial

Some good guidelines for implementing new graphics in D-Mods.
Released:January 1st, 1990
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Release Notes:v1.00
July 1st, 2002
Score : 5.0 fair
This is a quite old file back when most of the dmod authors did not try to put up any new fancy graphics for their dmods. I think it would be better if the title of this file is changed to "New Graphics Tutorial".

In this short file, it basically tells you how to save a Dink palette, how to make a non-Dink graphics have a Dink palette, and how to put your new graphics in action.

This file is only useful for the beginner to learn the basic stuff about the new graphics, and lack of quite a lot important things about new graphics. SimonK's new file about "Creating New Sprites" covers more on this subject. Also, if you do not have any one of the two graphics programs, you can not do anything to have a new graphics done if you only read this file.

At current stage, a lot of more tutorials about new graphics have been released, and this file did not stand any chance against others. For its current value, I can only give this file a 2.5, but I would like to recognize its past value more and give it a 5.0.