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374 Midis

A collection of 374 midis.
Released:April 1st, 2000
File Size:2.60 MB
Release Notes:v1.00
July 1st, 2002
Score : 7.5 good
This is the grandfather of all midi pack files. It was released more than 2 years ago. Although I have never been a supporter of any midi pack since everyone can basically search and get quite a lot of midi files through internet, this is still a nice one. Back to the old days, there were indeed quite a number of people who used midi's from this file for their dmod's. So historical speaking, at least it used to be useful.

The greatest strength is that you have more than 370 midi's here (the file that I downloaded had only 371 files, 3 of the 374 midi's might be removed for some reasons). You should have more than enough to choose the right midi's for your dmod.

But the weakest part of this game is ALSO the total number of the files. In principle, more is good, but since the author did not make any effort to tell the users what those midi's are. So the only way to decide if the midi is the appropriate one for your dmod is to listen to it. Some of them are quite long, so that might make the work to listen to the files harder than find the right midi's from internet. It might not be very easy to categorize different midi's by their application or mood (because I think that's personal opinions), but at least some kind of name list should be available for people to have some clues. Also because this file is so old that quite some of the good midi's have been used in various DMOD's. If you don't want your dmod to have the same midi's as other dmods, you might be better to search some new/rare midi's through the internet or do them yourself if you have the ability to do so.

I did not go through every midi files in this pack, and I don't think this file is everybody's midi solution, but if you want to put some midi's into your dmod, this is a quite good place to find at least some suitable midi's.

For its previous contribution to the Dink community, I would like to give it a 7.5 to recognize its place in the history. If you want my score purely for this file alone, I would only give it a so-so 6.0.
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