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16 Best Midi

Original sound:
1:Eric Clapton song i don`t remember name.
2:UltimaOnline track.
3:Doplerone midi.
4:Mmm i am heard somewhere but i don`t know
5:I don`t remember but i am heard it radio.
6:Doplerone midi.
7:Era track the name is Ameno.
8:Doplerone midi.
9:Doplerone midi.
10 riginal Dink Smallwood midi.
11:I am heard this song somewhere but enyway this is Milder 1 and 2 midi.
12:Neverend story film track.
13:Mystery Island track.
14:I am heard this song somewhere but i don`t remember.
15 rophy midi but i heard this somewhere.
16:The X-File track.
Released:January 20th, 2002
File Size:146.70 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
June 11th, 2006
Score : 4.3 tolerable
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16 Best Midi by Timo Jyrisoo.
A collection of 16 Midis. They are not the "best" nor are they really that good. Some were taken frome the 374 midi pack, and some were taken from elsewhere. Some were also taken from D-Mods. Not good, some are usable if in a perfect situation, but otherwise junk.

Not worth it at all.