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Quest for the Golden Nut

Dirty birds. From the COTPATD project.
September 23rd, 2002
Score : 6.2 fair
Peasant Male Belgium
The Quest for the Golden Nut, in my opinion the worst of the three entries in the alternative hero contest, features Ethel's duck in its attempt to escape the woman's cruel intentions. So, the little duck decides to go on a search for the famous Golden Nut. From then on it's one small and tedious quest after another. You'll have to run around the map for quite some time, looking for that ONE thing you might have missed, only to find out that it wasn't really worth finding it at all.
There's nothing innovative about this d-mod, nor anything fun. It's very short and perhaps not worth your precious time, unless there's really nothing else to play. I won't say there aren't any worse romps, because that would be wrong, but it can't match the quality of some others. I just couldn't shake the feeling that this d-mod was made in such a short time with such little attention.
Overall, I must say I'm disappointed. Therefore, the score's a little on the low side, but fair is fair : 6.2