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Quest for the Golden Nut

Dirty birds. From the COTPATD project.
The Golden Nut a mythical fruit which is known only to the duck race. Its mystical powers unlock the innate ability of human speech that all ducks have. Quackers wants to be able to talk and use profane language and he tires of Ethel, so he sets out to find the Golden Nut.
Released:September 13th, 2002
File Size:158.78 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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September 24th, 2002
Score : 6.3 fair
This is one of the three entrances for the Alternative Hero Romp Dmod Contest, written by James Perley. Unlike the other two, this dmod fits the "best" for the ordinary romp category.

You play Quacker the duck, Ethel's duck from the original Dink game. Basically it is a very short, one-dimensional game. The game was set exactly near the start of the original Dink game. It gave "some reasons" why Quacker ran away and where he went.

The only plot in the game is Quacker decided to go to an island where the golden nut grows. Eating a golden nut, a duck then can speak people's language.

There are a few small twists along the main plot. Most of them are not very special or even quite bad in the way you play it. Getting a lot of shells for the other duck is OK, and how the author made you walk a few times back and forth is kind of nice, but annoying, too. And although the other duck kept asking for a special shell, you didn't really obtain any different shells. The hardbox of some of the shells are very small, and therefore it is quite difficult to pick them up by the duck. On the other hand, you basically do not need to do anything to make the farmer love duck again. That's just bad. Then to get to the golden nut, you just walk all the way to the end of a plain maze. Only thing you can find in the maze is the golden nut, which looks like a golden apple. ;p

The gameplay is kind of weak. All you need to do is walking around and the conversation is very limited. I didn't quite enjoy the humor in this game, either. Why the duck wanted to leave the island and go back to where Dink found him? I don't know.

No apparent bug in this short game. No new graphics in the game.

Overall, if you have a few minutes spare time or you want to play every dmod, you might find this game to be another ordinary boring short game. This dmod is NOT a bad one, but not a good one, either.
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