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Allows you to 'tint' images 6 different colors.
Released:October 22nd, 2000
File Size:176.04 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
October 24th, 2005
Score : 6.6 fair
DImage doesn't really do much, so at first it may seem that my score is high, but read on.

Funtionality: 6.5: As mentioned in previous reviews 6 colours is too few). IrfanView and the GIMP offer a lot more colours.

Funtionality Success: 7.0: It does not do a good job of what it attempts to do (it stuffed up the green potions I tried to do with my Treasury file). Also, as mentioned in previous reviews you can't save the graphic as the same name.

Attempt: 6.5: Not all that good at what it attempts to do (there the multiple tinting issue that was mentioned in other reviews. It would be better off it just changed the colour you pick rather than add the colour.)

Effort: 6.5: The author didn't really appear to put all that effort into it.

Overall: 6.6: A good program. Irfanview, PaintShop Pro, GIMP and other graphics programs do a better job.

Pros: Easy to use. Works very fast. Nice idea.
Cons: A few bugs (as mentioned above).