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2011-08-02 19:47:59
Peasant Male Australia
How are they all controlled by one entity? Pharma companies have no control over the majority of university/public sector academics. You argue that the academics are not reliable, yet where do you think that blog got his information from? Here's a hint: the academics. If the academics were part of some conspiracy to keep DCA for cancer secret they would never have published their findings.

I didn't mean to imply I was commanding you to do anything. It was merely a suggestion to read better sources. I don't think it's reasonable to really expect to convince someone of anything on an internet forum, but continuing exposure to proper reasoning and actual knowledge on the subject helps to develop sensible conclusions.

Your reasoning is faulty for two reasons:
1) you assume somehow this 'one entity' controls everything
2) you believe that the drug has been proven as a cure for cancer

Ths is from the research team: (you know, the one that the blog post claims to have proven that cancer can be cured)

"No patient with cancer has received DCA within a clinical trial." (2008)

The study with tissue culture doesn't prove clinical safety and efficacy. Read more

All drugs have to go through the phases of testing. Even big pharma's patented ones

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