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MouseDink Dev's Demonstration

A demonstration of a set of scripts that enable a mouse controlled Dink interface akin to more modern RPGs.

NOTE: This is a Development D-Mod, and it may not have a quest to complete or a story to experience.
Released:December 4th, 2007
File Size:432.79 KB
Release Notes:Dink is now capable of shooting in every possible direction, the first key press is no longer lost when a choice_menu comes up, and some minor bug fixes.
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June 27th, 2009
Score : 9.9 exceptional
I voted 9.9 because there is no 10.00

First of all: you must consider that it's not a full D-Mod, but a demo.
If it was a D-Mod, i shouldn't vote 10, but 5. Reasons for a 10 score-demo.
Separating words:

Mouse... Iso-metric... Engine.
Old Rat. Equal-Size... Sistem-to-move used on the game.

This means that, whitout MAJOR use of keyboard, the game it-self is less tiring, with one-click i can make what you do with 3000 fingers on key-board.(1 point)

New style for planning story: with an iso-metric, this way, area spells are viable, since before it wasan't a very nice idea because the player could EASILLY dodge it, so area was the meaning for "easy critter/boss". Since we have a new viability for an innovative spell, another score (more 1 point, resulting in 2).

You can position squares instead of a dead slime in a REAL NON-DEMO D-MOD, which can serve as a GRID-GUIDE. Looking that way, smart guys would do btter maps and fit better graphics resulting in one more point for developers (+ 1 point, now it's three).

Representing a potential, with some adaptation and use of percentage, you can shot while walking, AMAZING, and with some percentage, YOU CAN EVEN MAKE IT MORE REALISTIC, i mean, while walking, it's harder to aim. + 1 Score, now it's four.

Represents another potentital: are you tired of the neeed to be in the diagonal with the target for getting a clear shot? Again, the use of percentage can do two things: 1st: you can miss when you are in line with the target and 2nd: you can hit whitout the need to be in-line. Relatively less isometric, you get one more score since there is more realism. I mean, in true life, just because "I am front-to-front with the opponent doens't means that I will hit". 5 Points already.

You can make new stats, then you can create new possibilities, right? A six dots-in-the-pocket.

Seven score: we already found an guy with on-line script, try combine these two and we may have some kind of MMORPDS Mundial Massive On-line Dink Smallwoods, thougt about that?

8 score: new moviment engines usually means another version of the game. We may have an Dink Smalwood too? Don't forget: we have Seth A.'s Dink's sorcecode.

9 score: innovative. Not that weren't any iso-engines before, but none done that before ABOUT DINK. Also, do not confuse this + 1 point with the first score: make playng less tiring doens't make the originality itself.

T-E-N points: have ye played already the iso aganist pillbugs? I, myself, am a master and never loses to bosses. I almost died to pillbugs. Enought of players complanning on all reviews that i sse: "too hard", "too easy", "no great fight", "all fights are simple".

Give it a lesser score, like 5? Is about the possibility of attaining reviews where JEALOUS people talks a lot about bulls**t while tries to lower the score. But, whitout knowing anything about scrippting, those "critters" above can't do better. Since it's some kind
advertise and almost a joke, simple giving 5 points is hipotetical, almost a joke. Isan't a joke except for the fact that is not funny.
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