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Rudiments of Scripting (The)

July 9th, 2002
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Belgium
When I first saw the post about this file I thought, wow, 40 pages of scripting lessons! That must cover almost everything! When I noticed, after downloading, that it only covered a few aspects I was stunned. This tutorial could be titled : DinkC for dummies.

Even people with an IQ value of 20 can learn how to script the basics with this file (no guaranties though). The detail put into talk sequences is amazing and it can really help the beginners out. For more advanced scripters it can be a bit annoying to read through and perhaps even useless. Of course, it was meant for newbies, so it has reached its goal.

There are a LOT of script files included in the package and they serve their example purpose well.

I hope the author will take the time to go into more advanced stuff in the same way. If so, I predict there will be more d-mod authors in only little time (no guaranties here either).

To all of you who're still doubting whether to download this file or not, it's only 193 kb, which means even 28k modem users don't have a reason not to. What's more, there's no waiting at Fileplanet for Dink related stuff (again, no guaranties).
I suggest, if you've downloaded it (you should have by now) reading through the first 5-10 pages, since the entire document reads the ame way. If you like the way it's written, read on, if not close it.