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Dink must survive the onslaught of the slimes.
Released:March 11th, 1999
File Size:197.40 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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October 1st, 2002
Score : 7.2 good
Peasant She/Her
Dink has to save a town that is pestered by slimes.

Despite the fact that I detest slimes – I would rather fight a dragon then a slime – I decided to play this D-mod anyway. And it turned out to be ‘slime wise’ not so bad after all.

Storyline: There is one quest: defeat the slimes.

Map and graphics: No new graphics, apart from the title screen. The map is simple, but suits the purpose.

Music: I did not hear any.

Good: Although a tiny D-mod, it has both interaction with sprites and, of course: hence the title, some fighting. There are no screenlocks; not even on the end boss. Although I am not quite sure whether this should be considered as done on purpose and therefore good, or as something the author did not know how to script, I think it is a nice change comparing to other D-mods. This leaves you the choice to walk away from the end boss or stay and fight; no worries about loading a saved game. On the other hand; you have to get healed if you walk away because you are injured and when loading a saved game that is not necessary. Anyway, for a change, I liked playing a D-mod without screenlocks. There are enough savebots, although they are in area’s were the slimes are, so you have to be careful not to get injured while saving. But this adds in my opinion something to the adventure since the D-mod is not that big that it has subquests. There are two end bosses, that is quite unique.

Not so good: I could walk of some screens, and I got stuck on some screens. Some hardness errors with sprites that you can walk through, and the tiles do not blend. Some screens do not have any borders, which is annoying. The gameplay is real easy since there are loads of potions and golden and red hearts; you obtain those without any effort. But I think it would be more challenging if you had to do something before getting those.

Overall: A small, but nice adventure. That is, if you like slimes! Or perhaps I should say: especially when you do not like slimes, since you get the change to kill many of them.
Fit for: If you want to kick some ass, this D-mod garantees that!