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Dink must survive the onslaught of the slimes.
Released:March 11th, 1999
File Size:197.40 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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August 6th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant He/Him
23 screens, typical romp, a good fun little D-MOD that you play to enjoy. Basically Dink is on his way to somewhere, don't have a clue where but still... he's on his way to somewhere and then he meets a guy who is just standing in the middle of the road. He tells you that his village is being attacked and that you must stop him, one screen right and you're there and you see a load of dead people and some slimes, ooooh. Basic romp storyline, but well developed. Only 26 screens but has been scripted very well to keep in those 26 screens. There are goods, there are bads, and they all lie BENEATH THIS TEXT...


The typical storyline of "Something or somebody gets attacked, you must destroy them" has been developed very well and into 26 screens. I found no midis actually playing in the game, but there are 4 in the sound directory. I listened to them and liked them, simple. There are no new graphics apart from the title screen. There is lots of fighting and levelling up which I like and 2 bosses, yes 2 bosses. One you think is the slime king, and then you find out it isn't. Then one that you don't think is the slime king, and then you find out it is, simple. You start off at a reasonable level and have to level up to defeat the slimes easily. There, that's the strengths over...


There aren't very many bugs suprisingly, of course there are badly tiled screens however. I found the imposter slime king to be very easy to beat with the first sword you get, and the slime king easy to beat with the second sword you get. This is not always good, easy enemies means quick game. Quick game means no fun, no fun means bad game, bad game means bad review. So I will knock off a few points for being so easy to beat. The title screen has been once again cheaply made in paint which I do not like but at least it is better than the one you see in Richard's Attack. Some hardness errors, some added bugs. Simple, that's about all the weaknesses I could find though there will be more...


Good D-MOD for a 5 minute fun romp. Good average storyline that is well developed later on in the game, some funny bits some not so funny bits overall a good romp for 26 screens.

Total 7.0
Grade C (Passed)

End Comment "5 minute fun killing D-MOD"