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A nice custom tile set for dink, looks very good.
Released:June 30th, 2002
File Size:227.51 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
July 25th, 2002
Score : 8.2 good
Peasant Male
Here's my custom tile set, I think that maybe some of the tiles in here could have been greatly improved by simply making the tiles more friendly to the user by for example, making it so some of them go together better. They look a bit "cut up" else which isn't too nice. Apart from that, I've found places where all of the tiles here can be used as people have reviewed it saying they don't know where some of the tiles would go, well I'm going to number the tiles from left to right like reading a book, then going on to the next line and reading left to right. Here's where they can all go though...

1 - Can be used in either a Dark gloomy forest (works well with those dark black trees) or in a really dirty dungeon of some kind. I'm using this in my upcoming D-MOD SPIKE - THE END OF THE BEGINNING for "The Dark Forest", near the bad guy's lair.

2 - Can be used in some machinery or mechanical type place, gives you a high techno feeling. With stuff like robots and machines it looks very good, and also very futuristic. I've used this on a spaceship in Beyond The Galaxy.

3 - Can be used in either a stupid D-MOD, for example the chocolate sea, as it looks like chocolate, swirly chocolate. That or in a way that I used it in my Beyond The Galaxy Intro, where Reelo, the mysterious guy in the boat, is floating on it. A narration screen in other words.

4 - Can be used inside a house as a carpet, I'm going to be using this as Dinks modern house in SPIKE - THE END OF THE BEGINNING D-MOD EPIC. It's a cozy warm carpety feeling, and doesn't work too bad at all. Very good as a carpet here, maybe if you cut it out and modified it a bit, you could make a rug as well

5 - I used this in SPIKE as once again inside a house. This one was used in a cheaper house, that a magician lives in. Giving you an old yet still modern feeling. No DethLord it's not the cranky fella's house.

6 - I'm using this as a lead up to an acienct temple, this will be old ground with a rocky, sacred feeling. Can be used widely in game.

7 - Put together this is usually used as the ground floor of a dungeon, or, a lair. I'm personally using it as SPIKEs lair in that D-MOD. Very good lair effect given off however.

8 - This is cracked earth that I will be using in New Beginnings 2, in a sort of abandoned land, where everything is scorching hot and the earth is broken. That's simple to explain

9 - A dark floor that I use in the magicians underground cabin. This is a very posh, marble type tile, givingg a very posh marble type feeling, beleive it or not

10 - This is a tile that looks kind of like concrete, this is what I am using in the old cranky fella's house in SPIKE. He doesn't have time to carpet his house or anything, so I used this. Can also be used in a cellar or basement.

11 - This tile, although it doesn't look like it could, fitted in a strange land at day time that I use in New Beginnings 3. It worked well I think!

12 - Can be used, if surrounded by a gate or something, in a type of bush, or thornely area that if you walk over you get stung by stinging nettles. A country-side feeling.

13 - This looks similar to number 5, only darker. it looks as if it is number 5, only glazed and shiny

14 - This can be used on a factory converyor belt, where mechanicals go along. This is like a warning sign, like a "get your hands of me" colour, yellow and black. Very good for its purpose

15 - I'm currently using this as the floor of an elevator, I don't know why, it just looks good, there's holes in the texture, like the elevator floors you might see in rusty house elevators.

16 - Can be used in the same fashion as number 6, only in a more posh high standard way.

The other two are standard white and black tiles.

All of these tiles can be used in some way, I'm using this tile set alot. So I do like it. Altogether an 8.2