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Skeleton X

"Okay, this is skeleton x, this has an updated mike snyders skeleton b and includes nifty tutorials that will help in game design and all!"
Released:May 20th, 2002
File Size:142.76 KB
Release Notes:v1.2
May 20th, 2002
Score : 7.2 good
Peasant He/Him
At the time of writing, nobody has reviewed my skeleton x v1.2 dev file, so I have decided to give an honest opinion on it and it's history...


I was getting a bit bored doing my New Beginnings Series with the rest of my team, and decided to do something small, for a small while. Here it is! I took Mikes Skeleton B and, updated it. I then also added some nifty tutorials to help the newbies.

Also - After releasing Skeleton B, I decided to make a small D-MOD before I go back to the development of New Beginnings. This small D-MOD is a good laugh, and is called.... here we go...

"A walk through my place" Version 1.1

Version 1.0 WAS my first D-MOD but I have now completely redone it to be 1.1!

Okay, that's the history over and done with


Briefs - I don't know what everybody else thinks but I think using Skeleton B died down. Read the history section... so I released Skeleton X v1.2

Weaknesses - Well, the actual skeleton part of it, is still very similar to Mikes Skeleton B, however, some MINOR changes have been made...

Strengths - Has to be the tutorials. Although they took the small parts of two days, I beleive that an newbies looking for some new tutorials should read this. It also includes handy resources. The skeleton itslef has been redone to improve it, so I guess I could call that a strength. However, once again it's main strength is the tutorials. Another strength is the size, un-compressed it is 3.03 MB but compressed it is 142KB, which really helps those with SLOW connections or modems. The tutorials have been fitted into one file, to help this size stay down.

Overall - Download Skeleton X and see what you think. Thanks

ALSO!!! Think skeleton x can be improved? E-mail saying how it can be improved and have your name as part of Skeleton X Version 1.5

Thankyou for reading
Jamie Shepherd

I give it a 7.2, with help from the tuts
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