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Legend of TerraEarth (The)

I dun think this has anything to do with the game...
A demo of the turn-based fighting engine of the upcoming D-Mod Legend of TerraEarth. No plot or quests to do, just areas to test out the engine.

*Best download of november 2001*
Released:May 5th, 2002
File Size:2.34 MB
Release Notes:Demo 2
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May 5th, 2002
Demo 2
Score : 3.0 tolerable
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Ok, this is a demo based on an up coming d-mod called (you guessed it) Legend of TerraEarth. The basis of this demo is to show off the new fighting system which is a lot like the FF8 battle system that Someone created, but with one difference. To engage a enemy, you walk up it and hit it, and it's on. From there, itís a turn base battle system in which you and the enemy each take turns (5 seconds long even though it was like 10 seconds on my 2Ghz athlon) slashing each other. But, unfortunately, the battle system is the only good part. It takes way too long to level, so you are stuck fighting slime, you don't get any magic except one (which I shall explain), and you are stuff using only your sword. Now, you do get one spell, but it's more of a townís port spell that if you are really screwed, you hit the panic button and it takes you to safety. So, you are stuck using a sword, while, yes, the monsters can cast spells! So, you are just about to kill the little terd when he casts a huge spell and you are screwed. Next the graphics, the tiles in this game are all right, but, Christiaan seemed to steal a bunch of graphics off of other d-mod like FIAT, and LOT, and worst yet, he doesn't even give proper credit in the readme.txt to the hard working authors that made them. Next for the intro, OMG, after that intro my ears bleed. There are some credits in the intro while horrible music is playing and some weird sound wav that everyone can live without plays. After the intro you get to the start screen. I won't touch the start screen any, it's ok, but after you click start, you run into a problem. The characters start talking and the text goes away WAY TOO FAST! But however, when you get to the next section with talking it goes away WAY TOO SLOW.

Story: None, it's a battle demo so that's cool

Graphics: Some are ok, some are bad.

Game Play: Horrible balance, but with the balance fixed, and a story line, it could be ok.

Sound: Letís not go there

Overall Score: 3.0 if you haven't gotten the clue of why it gets this score, just download the demo and play it.