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D-Mod Editing FAQ

A tutorial focusing on many common questions that plague newbie D-Mod Authors.
Released:January 1st, 1998
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Release Notes:v1.3
July 12th, 2002
Score : 8.7 good
This is one of the most famous and highly praised FAQ. It was the OFFICIAL DMOD's most frequently asked question. In my opinion, this FAQ and his SkeletonB are the two most important contribution of Mike Snyder for the growth of the old Dink community. Even at this time, tons of tutorials for almost every aspect of dmoding have been release; this is still a must-have tutorial for many little tricks that you can only learn from experience. Aside from the original DinkC.txt, this is probably the most important piece of information you need to have if you want to start creating your own game.

This file does not have an organized index system or really focus on specific topic in detail. I guess that is just how an FAQ should be. It's a shame that Mike Snyder shifted his focus onto something else long time ago, or this FAQ might contain even more information. This file has something for almost everyone from time to time, even an advanced dmod author might still need to check something in this file.

One of the possible problem is that there are some information that might not be completely correct (might not be wrong though) or miss the more important aspect of certain question or small typos (I believe), but overall you just can't go wrong with this file.

From time to time, people are still asking questions in the boar about dmod creation. I really hope that maybe someone some day could start to collect some of the important questions (not in the original FAQ, or to correct the misleading in this file) and their accurate answers, i.e. construct another FAQ or (Not-so-F-AQ) from the board and make a new version of more advanced FAQ. But before that happens, this should still be the first file you should look at if you want to start making your own dmod.

One part of me want to give this file a nearly perfect score, but the other half tells me that there are quite a lot of useful/important/confusing information left out of this FAQ, but they should be in. So based on my struggling, I decided to give it an 8.7.