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Search for the Treasure (The)

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Released:August 18th, 2002
File Size:200.42 KB
Release Notes:v1.2
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October 4th, 2002
Score : 1.0 horrible
Peasant She/Her
You have to find a treasure.

Storyline: The storyline is not that good and neither very well worked out.

Map and graphics: The ladder into the bonca cave is done nicely: it’s made of arrows. The title screen has nice buttons, but I still do not know what Nokia has to do with the D-mod.

Music: There is no music in this D-mod.

Good: A funny sight is the slime hanging in the top of a tree; I guess he's struggling to get free. But I do not think placing that slime in the tree was done on purpose.

Not so good: There is a pillbug right in front of the door, so you suffer damage by only stepping out of the house. The bonca cave has a one way warp: once you are inside, there is no way out. Considering that you start with low life, there are way too much enemies on almost all screens. When reading a sign, you are killed almost instantaneously because there are monsters too. There is no way to heal. The only savebot is after several screens with loads of monsters; you can not even dodge, since they are everywhere. So you get killed about a dozen times and have to restart every time. Finally I decided to cheat so I could at least finish the game, but after having defeated the end boss, the game crashed. So I used the editor once more to enter the treasure room. But all the piles of gold are warps that warp you back onto the screen with the dragon. Finally I checked the story directory to see what the end was about. And since probably very few will ever read that since there is no way to finish the game, I think it is al right to tell it: you can not get the treasure. I do not understand the humour of that one, though. The D-mod came with a saved game, and with three zip files that had the .c and .txt files that are also in the story directory.

Overall: This is a DIY D-mod: if you want to play it, you first have to adjust and add several things. Although the idea is quite nice, this D-mod needs some really huge improvements. I wonder if this D-mod is ever betatested. I doubt it.

Fit for: A DIY enthusiast.
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