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WinDinkedit Source Code

Visual C++/MFC/Direct X source code to WinDinkedit.
Released:May 21st, 2003
File Size:0.00 KB
Release Notes:1.4 Beta 2
September 7th, 2002
1.4 Beta 2
Score : 9.8 exceptional
King He/Him United States bloop
A mother ducking wizard 
I concur with WC: the WinDinkedit code is an invaluable resource. I have just begun learning C++, and have found the code quite enlightening. Not as enlightening as hex-editing D-Mod files to understand their underlying structure... but that is probably just me.

Some of the comments in the code seem outdated, and refer to things that the code doesn't do any more. And there isn't a detailed readme.txt which explains what everything does, and where the code is. And for those flaws, I knock off 0.1 points.

But if you have any understanding of programming languages, you should be able to understand the code even with faulty comments and the lack of an explanation.