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Revenge of the Pigs

This is from the d-mod.diz. Figure it out yourself or better yet, give it a try.

A young pig called Kirg must kill the slaughter
before it`s too late.
Released:April 9th, 2006
File Size:286.62 KB
Release Notes:1.5
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June 13th, 2003
Score : 4.7 tolerable
Peasant He/Him Netherlands
Any fool can use a computer. Many do. 
Story: In this short D-Mod, the player controls a level 2 pig called Kirg and he has to learn some magic to kill the slaughterer before it's too late.

Map: The map is small and doesn't really have any details but it's more diverse than Glenn's first D-Mod, Search for the Green Mushroom (The). There are some errors like sprites that didn't line up on the other screens, no sprites at the edge of a screen (once) and some hardness errors - you can walk down onto the hill and the hardness of the trees isn't right.

Music & Sound: The author added a new sound, used for the pig. No music.

Graphics & Tiles: A new tileset from Paul Pliska's Lyna's Story and the default added new tileset. No new graphics.

Other bugs: It looks like you can't finish the D-Mod as I couldn't talk to the wizard who's supposed to learn you some magic. There's lack of capitals and comma's, poor spelling and grammar. Oh, and there's not much to do, except walking around and finding those secret potions.

Overall: A short D-Mod which doesn't really provide anything so it's probably only interesting when you're bored.
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