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World of DinkC

May 9th, 2006
Score : 6.0 fair
Bard He/Him United States
Please Cindy, say the whole name each time. 
I really liked the concept for this dmod, and with the high reviews I was expecting to be blown away. Unfortunately, I didn't end up enjoying World of DinkC very much.

First of all, the concept was not very well-executed. The idea of "an error in the scripting" coupled with the very clever and awesome intro made me expect a dink world that would be marred by glitches and unusual occurences; instead, for the most part the world was very ordinary. Throughout nearly all of the game, it was unclear exactly what horrors were being caused by the "error" - Suffering and death abounded, but most of it was just due to monsters. Was the glitch spawning extra monsters? It was never very clear.

The map design was quite good and the scale of the game was impressive, but I found myself mostly getting bored and hoping for it to end. The dialogue was mostly dull and repetitive, and often in fact repeated. After playing for a while, I eventually stopped bothering to talk to anyone but the people necessary to advance the game. When I'm enjoying a DMOD, I want to talk to everyone. The dialogue is what breaks up the game play and makes both segments mutually more enjoyable, in my opinion, and I felt that was missing throughout most of this DMOD.

I did really like the puzzles. More DMODs should have puzzles. Also, the idea of a group of philosophers in the Dink world ruminating on the nature of their existence in a video game engine was amusing. If the mod had had a lot more stuff like that in it, I'd be giving it a 9 at least, as it was well put-together overall. It just never grabbed me.
January 11th, 2006
Score : 8.3 good
Noble She/Her United States
Daniel, there are clowns. 
Well, I finally got around to finishing this dmod, just to see what the hype was about.

About all I can say for this one is that it pretty well put together mod compared to most out there and it does have actual length. However, I was rather let down by something rated so high.

Dink's world is getting torn apart by an error. The concept is pretty awesome, but I was a bit disappointed in the execution. I was expecting something more... random and computer glitchy... something like the infamous Virus Email or even like Crosslink. A greater degree of chaos with all the bells and whistles mixed in with being able to further manipulate Dink's world would have seriously improved my enjoyment of this mod.

The whole story is kind of flat, along with the dialog and characters. Still despite all this, the fact that it actually *has* a coherant story places it well above most dmods.

The game balance works for me. It starts off pretty easy but then suddenly gets pretty difficult close to the end. Be sure to buy a lot of potions when you get close to fixing the deadly error. Secrets and potions are easy to get to and come across, so be sure pick them everywhere you find them.

No real new sounds. The music mostly feels randomly thrown in except for a few key pieces. There are some good tracks and some bad ones. WoDc is around average in this area.

Aside from a couple interesting puzzles, nothing new or original here. There are a few hardness and depth queue errors, but that's pretty forgivable.

Overall: I give this an 8.3 for being at least a being a solid epic, even if it doesn't really show anything special and was just a little disappointing.
November 12th, 2003
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Peasant They/Them
This excellent dmod is based on one of the most original concepts I've seen so far: an error in the DinkC engine messing up the world.

At the very start you see the engine running into the error and then you find the world not functioning quite as it should....

The story is linear and very clear: this is one of the rare dmods which you will not need to find a walkthrough for to finish it in its entirely.
You just can't enter the next area until you've finished the quests in the current area. Definitely makes gameplay logical as you won't need to go back and forth between areas because you've forgotten to do something...
Lots of little quests in each area and enough subtile (and not so subtile) hints to push you in the right direction.

All screens have been detailed nicely in line with the general theme.
Graphically I didn't notice anything new really, except for (predictably) the DinkC engine code running graphs.

The music was well suited to the theme and at times really made me smile over the connotations (playing Hotel California in the "resurrection" place must make anyone smile who knows the lyrics to Hotel California).

Gameplay: some of the fighting was pretty hard when other fights you'd just breeze through. Lots of quests and puzzles to solve.
I'd say this is more of a puzzlers dmod than a fighters dmod, which suited me fine.

Overall: excellent ! Keep up the good work and the original thinking.
March 29th, 2010
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant He/Him United States
Theres a party in my tummy! 
Such a fun game! I had a blast playing it, everything was perfect. It wasn't too easy, and it wasn't too hard. That's what I look for while playing D-Mods. I don't want the game to be overly easy, and I don't want it to be too hard. You hit the mark perfect on this game.

Story: While starting the game, there is an error. Dink finds himself in a world which has been torn apart by an error in the game.

Overall, the story is a bit unoriginal, but that doesn't make the game any less fun.

Graphics: I didn't see any new graphics, though there could have been some I overlooked.

Sound: The sound was perfect. I enjoyed listening to it while playing the game.

-- Overall: 9.8.
Very fun game.
November 26th, 2006
Score : 9.4 exceptional
As this being the first D-Mod I have ever tried, I found it quite enjoyable. As far as the story goes, it's quite silly... which is a good thing. BUT, as the story progresses, you'd get to a new area and you wouldn't be able to get back to where you were before. Now I wasn't too big on that idea, because I'm a die-hard Zelda fan... so (like in the zelda games) there are so many things to do in so many places and you'd really have to explore them to find what you'd really really want. In this, you'd finish up a certain area and been taken to another, never to see the old terreain... again. Another thing about this was the music... it was pretty good... but i wasn't to big on that play-off of the "Sailor Moon" music insdie one of the houses with the thingy-majigs in the basement. But on the whole, it was a spectacular D-Mod and I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys people dying.
August 10th, 2005
Score : 9.8 exceptional
The World of DinkC is as good and well made epic that will go down in the history of the dmod making time thing that makes sence.ok maybe not but this is still a really good and well make epic that leave you with a little suspence and enought hard game play to make a n interesting and fun game

Game Play:
good game play with puzzles that made me think just a little to much but there was a few that got me stuck

good music that was much enjoyable and made killing monsters just that little more fun

didn't see any new graphics

Over all:
a good and inseresting epic that will leave you happy that you made the effort not the rip you 56k modem to bits and go play counter strike instead
July 13th, 2005
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Three words: Play, It, and NOW!

This game is amazing. It has earned all its ratings of 9.0 and above, because it has focused purely on being able to play a game without any previous Dink Knowledge. Its quests are not too difficult for noobs, yet not too easy for a regular dinker (When they don't cheat...)

The idea is original, and everything has a reason for being where it is. Nothing is out of place, and no bugs that I noticed.

Since its a little while since I played it, I don't remember whether there where any original graphics, so they must have been far and few (In fact I think only the puzzles had new graphics, but not the map itself)

Music fitted the mood of the scene, generally (Generally? What am I talking about. It was excellent)

This was an excellent DMOD to play. It's worth the download, even with a 56k, believe me.
March 10th, 2005
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant She/Her Canada
I had a lot of fun playing this dmod.I spent about 4 hours straight
playing it because I just couldn't tear myself away.There were a few
screen errors where I walked off the map but it was easy enough to get back.
Everything else seemed to work awesome.There were plenty of people to talk to and small tasks to complete.I especially liked being able to be the girl for a bit and then a goblin for a while.And the whole story idea of it being a script error causing the problems was cute.
Graphics were the usual ones,same with the enemies.The music was cool.
I killed 433 creatures apparantly or so it said at the end.hehe.
The end boss was kinda tough but luckily I stocked up on healing elixers
and kicked his butt.
December 17th, 2004
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant He/Him United States
This is my first time Reviewing so bare with me,

I think this Dmod is great

the story line is So Creative and simple that you wonder why someone never thought about make one like this before and

Some of the graphics are a little odd but, it might just be the way it's there were designed but I like it
September 13th, 2004
Score : 9.8 exceptional
This is the one of the very best original introductory screens I have seen in all of the Dmods/Tmods I play that link to a nice starting game. FIAT is also one of my favourites as the screen zooms in to one of the dude's eyes and FIAT starts. I could say that this is the better intro between the two. It makes an analysis of the default scripts of Original Dink Smallwood's story folder, then sees that the intro.d script has an error and the screen crashes, creating a whole new game in which in DinkC scripts are wrong and something seems to create all this errors.

But it would be better if the scripts were put in the same form as that in the story folder until intro.d as that would make the game more realistic. For example I put in a new script before the intro.d script. The game would have been more realistic if the game analyzed the new script as well before the intro.d script. For that I take away 0.1 mark.

Great graphics, especially the one where Dink comes into play. Great gameplay too, because of the puzzles which aren't that difficult to solve for me. Nice MIDI which suited the area you were in and I liked the part where you play in goblin clothes. You also had to play in another DMOD to get an Amulet which was vital for restoring DinkC.

Overall: This is a great game and Dinkers and Dink Smallwood fans should try it out!!
August 30th, 2004
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Netherlands
Lava pig to the rescue! 
Really a great Dmod I must say. Let's just start with the story.

An error causes a lot of trouble in the world of Dink and there are many people dying. It's your job to find out what's going on and try to solve this mess. Really, a great story Made me laugh a couple of times just thinking about it and I think it's great! 9,9.

Yeah well, the funny stone riddle and other things you must solve are a bit new but i didn't notice any other new graphics so I'd say a 7.

Sound/Midi: No new sounds as I reckon but some new midi's. The midi's were perfectly placed though and they stimulated the feeling you should feel on that moment. 9,0

Humor: Hmmm, some things were very funny as dead or playing a dmod in a dmod ... Heheheh, had a few laughthers so it was okay. 9,0

Difficulty: Well.. I'd say a 2 out of 5... It wasn't difficult so it's not hard to finish the game. Everyone will be able to finish this Dmod I think.

So, I'd say you'd get around a 9,2 for this dmod... Hehehe, now let's put some good and some bad things on a row...

Good: It's a great story, with good humor, good midi's and nice quests.

Bad: I didn't find any bugs actually. Sometimes you were walking against an invicible wall but that's about it... So there aren't really bugs or bad things, though I found a man sitting on a bench saying nothing.. only reacting on my punches... maybe a mistake??


I would certainly recommend this dmod. It's not too hard and you will finish it withing a few hours but still it gives you a great feeling and let's you know that there are still good Dmod out there!

August 30th, 2004
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant He/Him United States
Wanderer of the Wasteland 
I liked this one a lot! Very well put together without a thing out of place!

-Perfectly designed map that felt real.
-Unique story.
-Real Dinky characters that react just the way you would expect.
-Great puzzles.
-No bugs!


The Vault Dweller
April 4th, 2004
Score : 9.3 exceptional
Peasant They/Them
i think this is a really good d-mod but i noticed the game in like luck agility and honour a lot of other d-mod in that where in stone of balance and pilgrims quest
story: the story is really weird but because it is weird it is fun -9.8
graphics: only the things of other d-mods where new-5
no new sounds but the sounds that there where are really good it really fitted in the game-9.0
gameplay: really good it never get bored -9.9

overall: every real dink smallwood fan should download this d-mod it is really worth it really w
February 14th, 2004
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant He/Him
well guys this is my first review so dont be too upset if it is crummy and doesent have much detail. But anyway this is about Simeon's D-mod, Its great! defenetly one of the best. I dont have any idea how this guy does what he does.

~storyline~ there isint any other D-mod out there that is as creative as this one, While dink is getting loaded into his next adventure there is an error in the scripting software, great idea it had me hooked from there. Also there wasnt just one goal throughout the D-mod (for example) Dink has to get out of a cave hes been loaded into and there are some problems. Once he gets out its one thing after another. He and his new friends are then taken into a goblin prison. I love variety, in my opinion its one of the things that makes a great d-mod, this one defenetly had it.

~music~ great new music, I get bored with those D-mods where they just take the original Dink music and Slap it into the game. Also if its stuck on like 20 screens so you have to wait forever for new music, World of Dinkc has just the right kind and amount of music. I especially liked track 14

~graphics~ didnt notice anything new but the game was just so entertaining that i wasnt paying attention ( :

~bugs~ i honestly dont even remember any... im sure there were a few but none that i can recall...

~overall~ great game, I was never bored and it kept me busy during all my free time, alot more fun that anything else i could be doing.

GREAT JOB Simeon!!
May 17th, 2003
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant She/Her Canada
We can out-drink most Americans! 
World of DinkC by Simeon.

Dink must save the world (once again) as a scripting error has the world in dissaray and dying.

The Good: Nice graphics, with a world somewhat run by Goblins. All the baddies are featured here. Money to be found and made. Lots of space bots. Lots of secrets to be solved, and take my advice and have the game saved in a few different spaces, as some mini-quest must be done a certain way, before you can progress. My Gosh, the last Baddie and *friends* was a tough one (a lot of cursing from me). Some nifty puzzles to be solved, which meant using my brain. If there was music, I heard none (speaker problems), but I truly enjoy a dmod where Dink just has to save the world and fix problems.

The Bad: Nothing much really, a few bugs on the puzzles (but the game kept on going) and thinking was required in this game. I had almost finished it, when Simeon had a patch to fix these bugs, but since I had passed them all, I decided to keep on going, as it was not affecting my game.

Overall: A very enjoyable dmod. I recommend it to everyone who likes to play a traditional dmod with a twist.
May 7th, 2003
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Hmmm. I`m first to review. I liked this DMOD. I relly did. I wonder if Simeon made the storyline like this to have an excuse for the bugs in the game. But it isnt so bad. Only a few.


A error in the dmod has deformed the world and Dink wants to try to stop it.


No new sounds as I heard. But a LOT of cool midis. They fitted the situation very good. 8,6


Didn`t notice anything new... 5.2


REALLY good! I was never bored! Every time I started to get bored was a cutscene and an orginal mission. 9,2