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New Contest: Review Rumble 2023

spinnerweb is sponsoring a new contest to encourage new reviews. She's noticed that new files rarely get reviewed, which is a shame, particularly as it means the authors who spend literally hundreds of hours creating new D-Mods don't get to know what people think about what they've created. It also makes it difficult for people to know which D-Mods are worth playing, as much of our casual audience only plays the most highly-rated D-Mods.

There will be three winners of the contest, determined by spinnerweb. First place will receive a USD 30 game of their choice, second place will receive a USD 20 game, and third place will receive a USD 10 game. I'll also give everyone who participates in the contest a special forum flair.

To enter the contest, you only need to write a review for one of these files that didn't have any reviews, and was released since the start of 2020. The deadline is October 1st November 15th. Here's a list of files that are eligible:For the full rules, see the comments.

Any new review written from September 20th 2023 to October 1st 2023 will be considered as an entry into the contest IF:

1. It is for a file that was uploaded in the 2020-23 period.
2. The file did not have any reviews prior to this post being published.
3. The reviews are formatted professionally enough for spinnerweb to be able to read them without grimacing.

The prize pool will be THREE winners who shall receive a USD 30 game for first place, USD 20 game for second place and USD 10 game for third place.

1. It must be a Steam game that can be gifted from the Australian region. If you're from a non-giftable region, spinnerweb will send you Steam keys from an official keyshop of your choice. GreenManGaming, Fanatical, Humble Bundle, etc.
2. It must be priced under USD 10 or AUD 15.
3. It must not be published by New Blood Interactive. Sorry, spinnerweb has a personal vendetta.

spinnerweb is judging the reviews. See her post for more info about what she's looking for.