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September 22nd, 2002
Score : 7.4 good
Peasant She/Her
The fist part of the trilogy Milderr!!

In this D-mod Milder runs into Sharp who tries to kill him. She does not succeed and then Milder is ordered by some wizards to go to Finland to kill Sharp. That is where this D-mod ends.

Storyline: There is not much of a story; the D-mod is more about playing Milder and visiting the village he and Dink live in and having a stroll in the surroundings.

Map and graphics: The map is awfully empty; open spaces with plain grass everywhere. No new graphics, but the old ones are used in new way; some church windows in a regular house. There are doors on the inside of houses too.

Music: I played this D-mod mostly for the music. Some midi’s are good, some are not, but there are many of them and almost every house and every screen in the beginning of the game has its own midi. I do not think I ever heard so many different midi’s in one D-mod.

Good: The music. There is humour in this D-mod. When pressing Ctrl you do not fight, but sing a song. When talking to soldiers, you do not discuss fighting and weapons, but you dance instead. The king and some other people are having a dance event.

Not so good: A lot of sprites (both signs and human sprites) do not have a script attached to them. You have to be carefully when leaving a house; you have to walk precisely to the door, otherwise you will end up on the next screen instead of being warped. I learned that ‘trick’ or actually avoiding al those bugs after several mistakes. When Milder and a soldier are dancing, there is no music. The same goes for the dance event in the castle. I would have expected that especially those situations would have a midi attached since so many other screens do. The teleporter has a bug; when teleported you are stuck due to some hardness error. You have to stand on a precise spot to be transported correctly. The music just ends somewhere halfway through the game.

Overall: A D-mod in which the music makes up a bit for the lack of story and the amount of bugs.

Fit for: If you want to play an alternative hero and do not mind lack of story and avoiding bugs.