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Dink could easily see the trees he 'fertilized' by their nice bluish tint.
August 1st, 2003
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant She/Her
Purpose: As we all know, the original Dink Smallwood does not have many trees. And it can get quite boring to look at the same old trees in every D-mod. And as I at least know, it is very difficult to make decent looking trees. This graphics pack consists of 36 trees; 12 trees in different shades of green, 12 in different shades of red and yellow, 4 that are bright green/yellow, 4 that are blue and 4 that do not have any leaves.

Use: The nice thing about this pack that is comes with instructions on where to place them and how to set the dink.ini. The readme.txt also includes the specific load_sequence and set_sprite_info. Excellent!

Good: The trees look superb! Every colour and also the trees without leaves comes in four different type of trees. The trees in different shades of green look splendid; placed together you can create a nice forest with them. Trees 17-20 are exactly the shade of the grass. The trees that are orange/red/yellow will make a very lovely autumn forest or can be used in a weird D-mod. The blue trees could also be used in a weird D-mod, or in some dark or spooky place. The trees without leaves come in three different colours. Those trees look very fragile, in fact all the trees do when you compare them to the original trees.

Not so good: The roots look a bit strange; it is as if the trees are standing on the tips of their toes. When placed on water however, they look just like mangrove trees. The bright green/yellow trees are a bit too bright.

Overall: An excellent graphics pack that can be used in any D-mod.

Fit for: Everybody who wants to use another kind of trees.