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Rotten Fish Magic

Killerbee says, "Just a neat but dull weapon I created on a rainy day."
Released:October 13th, 1999
File Size:451.37 KB
Release Notes:v1.01
October 8th, 2002
Score : 6.8 fair
Peasant Female
With this file you can add a new spell to your game.

The file comes with a D-mod so you can see what it looks like. There even is a small story to this D-mod.

Good: There is a new item icon for in the inventory, which is, although it is hand drawn, very funny. For the magic spell the old graphic of a fish is used. When you cast the spell a fish flies through the air. When it hits an enemy a green splash appears. The splash is not that good; it is just a green spot. It works the same as the fireball magic and to kill a pillbug you have to cast one or two times.
Not so good: I do not understand why it is called rotten fish, since the fish does not look that bad. Perhaps it is because of the green splash, although that does not look very much like something rotten either.
There is no explanation on how to install this if you want to use it in a D-mod, and the story directory is no help either, since the files are all d.files.

Overall: A nice addition to the spells.

Fit for: If you want some other spell to use in your D-mod.