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Revenge of the Ducks 3: Enter the Smallwood

An insult to our mighty Hero, wouldn't hurt him.
The final part of the ROTD series is finaly here....defeat the evil
King/Mage Xanatos and save the world!
Released:September 21st, 2001
File Size:321.53 KB
Release Notes:v1.03
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September 22nd, 2002
Score : 8.4 good
Peasant Female
The story of Ronan the duck and Billy the bonca continues in this D-mod. They still have to defeat Xanatos.

Storyline: Even better then in part II. The story sort of continues where the Revenge of the Ducks II ended. This time they meet Dink, who is also after Xanatos.

Map and graphics: No new graphics, although the icon for the spritebomb spell is adjusted. The mapping is done quite nice.

Music: It suits the situation.

Good: There is humour in it, especially in the beginning, when Ronan and Billy meet Dink and Martridge. This game features harder enemies and loads of screenlocks. That makes the game harder, but it makes it also more adventurous. The way the end boss is defeated is quite funny, although you do not have to do very much for it.

Not so good: I encountered several screenlocks that would not unlock so I had to load saved games a couple of times. Since the pillbugs are really hard and you die easily by just touching them, you could not use Billy’s tail as a weapon. Instead you had to use the fireball spell. On some screens however there was very little space and since Billy says something every time you cast fireball, it takes some time before you can move again so you have to be very careful when to cast the spell; otherwise you might get stuck in between attacking pillbugs. No savebots, although you could save everywhere by using escape, but there was no remark made about that.

Overall: A nice sequel, featuring Dink.

Fit for: If you played part I and II, you definitely must play this D-mod too. And if you have not played those, this is a fun adventure on its own as well.
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