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Vagabond's Quest: Dungeon of Despair

From the COTPATD project.
Ethan says, "In this dmod I've put in a bunch of new features like shields, and ammo for ranged weapons."

*Best download of june 2000*
Released:June 18th, 2000
File Size:430.89 KB
Release Notes:Beta
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April 22nd, 2013
Score : 4.0 tolerable
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Okay, I get that this was made in 2000 and the author didn't have many helpful resources available at the time. But still, it felt like the author didn't even test his own mod.

Story: Dink has a dream where Fairies(?) ask for his help. When Dink wakes up he's no longer in his bed. He's in some forest that only lets you go in two directions. So you walk a few screens and you're in the town. The story can't be progressed now until you reach level three. Which is annoying to me.

Combat: You're basically required to use the training area until you not only reach at least level three, but also have enough money for a long sword and quite a bit of defense upgrades. The monsters are either too fast or too slow. The rat enemy is likely supposed to be weaker than the imp(goblin) enemy, but because of its speed much harder. There's not really any buildup to bosses(at least the two you can get to).The last boss you can fight is impossible if you don't get the broad sword and a whole lot of defense upgrades.

Graphics: There were three new enemy graphics. a rat, a spider, and a skeleton. The skeleton would sometime disappear and reappear. I think it has some missing graphics.

Mapping: The map is pretty meh. The screens are pretty empty. There's a lot of bad hardness. I almost wonder whether the author even used hardness tiles. It's a really direct and small map.

Sounds and Midis: The only sound I heard was the creaking door for warping. There were four midis that I heard, I believe. One for the intro- which didn't fit at all. On for the forest, one for the town, and one for the mine. Being a small map, that's a good amount.

There are no savebots anywhere.
There is a major bug that stops you from getting any further into the game and will force you to reload.
The author tried to implement a sort of shield- but I saw no point to it. Basically if you have the shield equipped you won't be able to attack but you won't take damage for 50 hits which is when the shield breaks. Now I might see a point in using this if there was any magic. It'd also be more interesting if it prevented 50 damage total rather than 50 hits. Then you could make a stronger one that prevented 500 damage and so on.
You can increase your defense for 200 gold. The price doesn't go up no matter how many times you buy it, nor is there a limit.

Overall: I wouldn't recommend this in its current state.
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