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D-Mod Help

A step-by-step guide for beginners on how to create D-Mods.
Released:January 1st, 1990
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Release Notes:v1.00
August 13th, 2002
Score : 9.7 exceptional
This file was like any other helper except you don't have to spend time downloading it.

In general, this file was extremely useful. One thing though, which wasn't to MY liking, were the colours. They didn't look right together. However, that's not as important as to what's in the file.

This file is split into different sections, Section 1 : Introduction Section 2 : To start of with Section 3 : Tiles Section 4 : Sprites Section 5 : Settings Section 6 : Strange Sprites Section 7 : warps Section 8 : Scripts

The first section says how to make the directory(dir), where the files are kept. It explains how to find files, and where to put them.

Section 2 just explains where to go to edit your map for the game and where you would go to find the map editor.

Section 3 explains how to USE DinkEdit. Although, it could mabey be a bit more explicit in some places. You are told about how to get different backgrounds and how to edit to hardness of things in your game. Plus more.

The next section tells you about sprites. What they are (roughly), where to find them and how to place them in your game.

Now section 5 is almost a contiuation of the previous section. It states that there are 25 settings. Then they are listed in order, each with an explanation of it.

Section 6 is about harder to handle sprites, like house and bridges. In short, it explains quite clearly, how to make them work right. Plus a bit more on hardness.

Section 7 is about warping. Basically, you're told what warping is and how to put a warpsome where. For instance, a house.

The next section is all about scripts. How to make a script and how to attach it to a sprite.

In total, I would say that this file explains quite alot. Infact, I would recommend this file to be a worthwhile download if you're new at dmod making.