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Alternative Savebot

Four sprites of SimonK's alternate savebot.
A weird organic thing that someone might find a use for - doesn't have to be a save machine, as there are no words for it.
Released:November 24th, 2003
File Size:50.85 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
June 23rd, 2007
Score : 7.8 good
Peasant Male Australia
I liked this graphic because it could be used as alot of things because of it's strange look and design of it. It could be used as a machine that's magical or something like that it could be in a lot of Dmods.
I recommend downloading this Dmod because it could be used as other things then just a save point and it's a Relief that we don't have to use the original save bot which was getting boring overall i'll rate this 7.8