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Attack of the Mutant Veggies

As advertised, the mutant veggies attack. From the COTPATD project. The king may be exaggerating. A fight with celeries.
Bored Ancients create Mutant Veggies for their own amusement. Dink Smallwood is the only one willing to pit his strength and skill against the rebellious Ancients and mutant veggies to save the kingdom.
Released:June 28th, 2007
File Size:9.45 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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October 5th, 2007
Score : 7.2 good
This wasn't actually that bad. When I went to download it, I thought this would really, really, crap, but it actually turned out quite good.

The story is decent, with a few funny twists. It is also very clear, making the game more playable.

Not a hell of a lot here, the only ones I could find were the vegies and some
inventory items. The veggies weren't all that good so it lost some points.

This was actually pretty good, a little boring. The starting area got a little bit confusing because most of the screens look the same.

Overall, this d-mod is well done and I recommend this d-mod to any one who wants a twist.
Mutant Veggies. Hmm
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