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Jesus Island

Before Dink can begin his journey, he has to check, if everything is alright... Jesus island Dink is given a quest by Jesus
jesus tasks dink with a task.
Released:July 1st, 2018
File Size:7.73 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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July 9th, 2018
Score : 3.0 tolerable
Peasant He/Him Germany
I've got no mouth 
This D-mod seems like an attempt by Skurn to release a D-mod that's not a joke itself, but meant to be an at least quest-sized adventure you're excited to play.

The story is kinda odd: Jesus tasks Dink in a dream to travel to Jesus Island to defeat an evil, even Jesus can't defeat. Dink is the only one worthy and strong enough to finish this dangerous quest.
With no further information gotten, Dink wakes up from his dream. He's got only the word of a fish that this wasn't just a nonsensical dream, which does nothing has to do with his life. And with these words encouraged, Dink starts his epic journey to Jesus Island.

When I started playing this new adventure I was kinda surprised:"This D-mod is actually pretty good!"
Mapping was OK, Scripts were working and the Midis were enjoyable.
But best of all was the humor. A lady wants to sell Dink a dead horse (unfortunately you can't buy it) and Dink dialogue with the fish was peppered with some random funny jokes.
But the best joke (even though this wasn't meant as one) was the fact that Dink, before going on the probably most useless,nonsensical and (sadly) unfinished story, takes his idiotic neighbor to watch for his small house with barely furniture in it. You can't go until you have done this. I don't know why, but this made me lough ou loud, letting my parents wonder what their son was actually doing in the middle of the night.

The problem is, all of the things listed above only count for the first area, Dinks new hometown, which you'll leave a the very beginning.
The next part is OK, a cave which was designed as labyrinth with some monsters in it, but didn't really entertain me.

After this cave, the madness begins like madness normally does: Without you noticing and slowly progressing.
After you get out of the cave you enter a forest-like area. Here I faced the first bad designs. You cant see the exit of the cave, which makes you think you can't go back, but actually you do. The exit is invisible, if you want to enter the cave again, just do this by walking to the bottom of the screen.
This was the first area where I wondered where I actually had to go to. There were many ways, but barely of them led me to a place, where I knew what to do next. "This place is weird" Dink says when he enters a certain screen with a tower in it you can't enter, and he's absolutely right. At this point I began to wonder whether this D-mod could have needed some more work on it. I did face more and more hardness errors, but they all were acceptable.

When you come to another town, you've seen everything what is worth to be seen, the rest is unfinished. You've got to cross a bridge to proceed and need to find someone repairing it, but it's impossible.
You can't ever cross the bridge.

But still there are possibilities to see what would've come next. Some objects in this town teleports you to another places, all of them with hardness errors and all of them unfinished. You can enter new screens where you shouldnt be able to and everywhere objects teleport you to other places.
This whole construction makes up a labyrinth through everything Skurn has planned to implement in a D-mod which has the potential to be an epic, but never has been finished.
You can enter a big Magmatic section, some darklands-like area,Jesus Island and I even managed to get past the bridge by a detour of teleportation, hardness bugs and, most of all, undescribable weirdness.
This would have been a great D-mod if it had been finished.

You can also find something which probably is meant to be the boss, but you're unable to defeat him with the stats you've got at this moment. I cheated and raised my stats high up.
I defeated him, but nearly nothing happens. A door shows up, but you can't enter it.

If this D-mod would have been given an unfinished state, my score would be much higher. Now this D-mod gets a 3.0 out of 9.9, because the beginning was so much fun and of this D-mods potential to be an epic.