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DMOD Manager

January 12th, 2003
Score : 8.7 good
Peasant Female
Purpose: This programme can launch other programmes that you might need when you are creating your own D-mod.

Installation: Run the dmanager.exe and it will unzip itself.

Use: You have to enter the directory of your D-mod and the paths of the editors and the help file before the programme is ready for use.

Good: The readme.txt explains clearly what this programme is about and how to install it. You can direct the location of a help file, so you can easily look into that one without having to browse through the explorer. You can start DinkEdit and play the D-mod from the same programme. You can add an editor of .c files and an editor for the dink.ini. Behind the main.c and various start*.c files there is a description of every file. You can work at more then one D-mod at the same time. You can even make this programme start up automatically when Windows is loaded.

Not so good: If you fill in a wrong name at the question 'enter sub-directory of your current project' or if you want to change the name, you have to run the reset.bat file, which is a bit unhandy.

Overall: A nice file that works without any error.

Fit for: If you do not want to browse through the explorer.