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Ghosts of the Cast : The Quest for the Axe of Destruction (The)

Dink must find The Axe of Destruction to destroy Seth's Grave.
Released:July 15th, 2003
File Size:247.76 KB
Release Notes:1.1
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March 10th, 2004
Score : 0.1 horrible
Peasant She/Her
This is the third D-mod ThinkDink released and although I had my hopes up with the second D-mod, I had no illusions whatsoever when I started playing this D-mod. If you do not learn anything from the reviews you get but instead make a second D-mod that is even worse then your first, the third one can not be much better. Of course I hoped for it, but I was not surprised to find that D-mod is the worst of all three. Which contains a sort of weird logic; if your first one is horrible and your second is worse, the third one can not but be the worst. And indeed it is.

Storyline: Seth is back and in order to kill him, Dink must find the Axe of Destruction so he can destroy his grave.

Map and graphics: The map is horrible because you can not play the game without using the editor to fix the borders. If you do not do that (or can not) you are stuck at the beginning of the game because there are borders where there should not be any borders. If you however use the editor and fix the borders so you can continue the game, you will wonder why you took the effort of doing that, since the rest of the game is no fun at all.

Music: The music could unfortunately not make the game any pleasurable.

Good: The only good thing is the courage of the author. You must be really courageous to release such a horrid D-mod.

Not so good: The sprites do not change their lines. A girl asks you to get her axe and when you have done that and want to give it to her, she asks you if you want to get her axe. You do not have to do anything to get the axe; just ask another girl. And if you ask her again, you will get another axe, since there is also no progress in this script. You do not have to fight the end boss since there is no screenlock. And you do not have to destroy the grave in order to win. There is no need for destroying the grave, nor for killing Seth since if you do not do anything at all, you will end the game anyway. After that a a guy tells you that you can kill more monsters in the darklands. Now why would I want to kill monsters after I have already killed the end boss? When I killed the end boss, I want a nice end to the game, not some small adventure after that. I guess the author likes fir-trees and dragons very much, but they get pretty boring after a while, especially since the screens are just copied and therefore exactly the same.

Overall: A waste of time. Of the authors time and the players time.

Fit for: No one.