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September 22nd, 2002
Score : 3.2 tolerable
Peasant Female
Dink and his pet pig Oinky go on vacation to Crossroads.

Storyline: Dink is attacked in his home by a look-a-like. Dink wins, and then a wizard appears, and Dink and the wizard fight. After that an interaction with a Coconut Monkey follows, who tries to hypnotise Dink and is finally defeated by Dink’s pet pig, Oinky. They celebrate the victory and decide to go on vacation to Crossroads. And that is only the intro movie.

Map and graphics: The mapping is done quite slovenly; no edges on screens, roads that lead to nowhere, no tile blending. The title screen has new graphics that look quite nice.

Music: Nerve-racking music.

Good: To see Dink riding a bonca – well, for about a second – is fun. When you choose to go a certain way, there is a very small in between movie in which Dink is riding the bonca. There is a new font that looks good.

Not so good: The game crashed at the bonca ride several times. The intro movie is too long; it gets kind of boring to look at such a long movie. The intro movie takes up almost the entire D-mod; after that you can visit the Smithsonian Museum, but that is all you can do. The museum only has one room. Although the title is crossroads, you can only go one way.

Overall: A D-mod that consists almost entirely of an intro movie.

Fit for: I would not recommend this D-mod.