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Shadow Guild (The)

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Released:April 13th, 2000
File Size:778.58 KB
Release Notes:Demo
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December 29th, 2002
Score : 2.9 horrible
Peasant Female
Storyline: A very vague storyline, and no plot. The only thing that is evident is that almost every conversation is about sex but for no reason and it adds nothing.

Map and graphics: The map is well done, very detailed, but sometimes a bit too detailed so you have trouble walking. No new graphics.

Music: The music is good. There are several nice sound effects to this D-mod.

Good: The map and the music.

Not so good: There is no plot, and no ending. After a while you just can not go any further and at that time you seriously start to wonder why you downloaded this D-mod since you really do not know what you are doing, what you are supposed to do or what to do next. Although this D-mod is classified as unfinished, at least there should be some story to it. You have to read the html document to find out that you play Bob, a guy who wants to be a soldier. The argument why his mother hates him seems a bit far-fetched.
There are no savebots before a screenlock, and you have to pay at some savebots to get your game saved.

Remark: Instead of the usual readme.txt there is an html document. I guess the only reason for that is that it has a black and white graphic of some sort of rock in the rain with some blurred text. Not really worth the trouble. There is also a diary.txt that does not add anything either.
Overall: A D-mod with no story, nor any plot to it.

Fit for: Not worth the download.