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Dink Goes Boating

Dink farted blood in confusion when confronted with the evil words of destruction.
March 6th, 2004
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Female
Purpose: This file is part T-mod and part D-mod and you can switch between them during the game/explanations.

Installation: Instead of using a frontend, you start this D-mod by using the boatdmod.exe file in the main directory of the game.

Use: You can walk around, explore and play the game, or you can find out why things are the way they are and how you can make them too in your D-mod. As far as the T-mod goes; both beginners and more experienced D-mod makers can learn from it, which is great. Everything is explained very well and a lot of explanations go with nice examples so you can actually see the script and not just 'hear' it while a sprite is explaining it to you. Besides that, you can always check the scripts, since they are all .c scripts; open sourced. But this is not the first T-mod ever, as the author claims, since there were actually other T-mods before this one.
The D-mod is quite funny since it is not only a small adventure but it teaches you a lot about the Dink Network and especially about the Dinkers that roam Dinkland. You can question a lot of Dinkers and some even give lengthy interviews. After you have met those in the game and talked to them you know a lot more! The graphics in the game I thought were astonishing, but I have not played Pilgrimís Quest yet, so it is the first time I see them. I think the octopus is really neat! And the boats and the floating potions and chests too of course. All of them are done extremely well, but the octopus is my favourite!

Overall: A T-mod for beginners and more experienced D-mod makers and a D-mod for those who just want to play one!

Fit for: Anyone.