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Dink Goes Boating

Dink farted blood in confusion when confronted with the evil words of destruction.
March 6th, 2004
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Female
Purpose: This file is part T-mod and part D-mod and you can switch between them during the game/explanations.

Installation: Instead of using a frontend, you start this D-mod by using the boatdmod.exe file in the main directory of the game.

Use: You can walk around, explore and play the game, or you can find out why things are the way they are and how you can make them too in your D-mod. As far as the T-mod goes; both beginners and more experienced D-mod makers can learn from it, which is great. Everything is explained very well and a lot of explanations go with nice examples so you can actually see the script and not just 'hear' it while a sprite is explaining it to you. Besides that, you can always check the scripts, since they are all .c scripts; open sourced. But this is not the first T-mod ever, as the author claims, since there were actually other T-mods before this one.
The D-mod is quite funny since it is not only a small adventure but it teaches you a lot about the Dink Network and especially about the Dinkers that roam Dinkland. You can question a lot of Dinkers and some even give lengthy interviews. After you have met those in the game and talked to them you know a lot more! The graphics in the game I thought were astonishing, but I have not played Pilgrimís Quest yet, so it is the first time I see them. I think the octopus is really neat! And the boats and the floating potions and chests too of course. All of them are done extremely well, but the octopus is my favourite!

Overall: A T-mod for beginners and more experienced D-mod makers and a D-mod for those who just want to play one!

Fit for: Anyone.
February 12th, 2004
Score : 9.7 exceptional
I told my self I would never review a dmod. But after playing Dink Goes boating I was left feeling like someone needed to stand up and tell the world that this Mod KICKS ASS. They say that someone can only teach others a subject once they have mastered it themselves, and SimonK proves this theroy true.

Dink Goes boating is an Interactive educational enviroment, dubbed as a TMOD. It usess redinks new engine thingie or whatever and displays the powers of that as well as the old dink engine. It has a built in tutorial function to explain how and why stuff is doing what it is and too show the user how to do it themselves.

The Tmod also has a bit of playability in it. A short quest to get a boat and explore the islands, and then to help the king and other familiar cohorts out with a infestation problem.

The only complaint I have about Dink Goes Boating is that the explantions of how the scripts work were going a bit too fast for me. However it comes with all the source code which can be reviwed at any time.

I've been playing dink and making crappy mods since it came out in 98 and this dmod even thought me some tricks. I think it would be great for starting players.
February 6th, 2004
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Male
I actually tryied this mod, of TMod i should say, becuase of the forum post. Which is a great thing, i'm currently building a mod, and this thing is really helpful, my the name i thought it was some mod where where Dink goes boating . And i would never have tried it not for the person flaming it, so to that person i say thanks.

This is a TMod and i recomend it for anyone whos building a mod, it helps you out with *SO* many begginer problems. Like for exaple before this i couldn't figure out why the shelfs in my mod wouldn't just die, they'd bleed first, which is kida wierd looking.

Another reason why this Mod deserves such a high score is becuase its the first of its kind, i think anyways. Its like redink1s movie maker mod, (which is also VERY helpful for begginer mod makes) only that this is interactive.

Theres even a little playability to this mod, although i wouldn't download it on that factor alone.

This mod was great, although i did wish it went a little more in depth on a few of the scripting areas, but hey its not really a how to write script mod, hahha

Overall this was a great mod and i'd recomend it for anyone makinga Dmod for the first time, and possibly to people who didn't get a high review on the first mod they made
December 28th, 2009
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male
I Bring Tidings of Spam 
SimonK has provided us with a tutorial DMOD. Dink goes boating is a DMOD that teaches you many basic and some advanced scripts. When you turn the tutorial off, you can play around with the little quest he put it: Its a small quest that involves buying and selling ships and blasting octopi with your cannons.

There is a secret island that has some of the DN's famous dinkers. This island was a cool secret. The replay value is high since the secrets are cool, and there's lots of scripts to learn.
November 25th, 2004
Score : 9.3 exceptional
Peasant Male
This T-mod rules! It is a T-mod rather than a D-mod, though it has a small adventure. I was thinking of instead of boats, use cars! Grand thief dink! If only i found this Tmod out when i started using dinkc.

Tutorial mode teaches you alot
Mild humor
Kill Kory!
Redink engine

In order to learn something you have to go through the whole thing. (Eg: I wanted to learn about base walks and loading Graphics and i didnt have something to just get me to that lesson.)
The lessons go too fast.

Overall: Exellent, just like every other one of Sk's dmods
September 16th, 2004
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Peasant Male United States xbox steam
The world could always use more heroes 
This is actually a cool (I wanna say D-MOD but its a T-MOD,) you know what I mean. Anyway you can't really do anything much except get hearts and attack bonuses and stuff. A cool thing I really like about this is Dink can sail on boats. When you do get a boat be careful of the octopuses or whatever they are. you can't kill them until you get a harpoon frome the rock golem (and I find that weird and confusing. x.x) Well if you like to sail or drive a boat in a game, this is a good (uhhhh T-Mod) for you to download. Ratings now.

Story Basicly no story 'cause in's a tutorial mod.
Graphics 10.0
Map 9.0
Midi's 9.0
Ending I never found one.
Overall 9.25

Well download this but only if your a beginner or you like boats. Hehehe
April 14th, 2004
Score : 9.5 exceptional
This my dinking friends is i kick a$$ way to learn how to make a d-mod it shows you the items scripts and neat stuff. it has a bit of humor like when you ask a well for gives you 500. Simon Klaebe i just have to say that all of his works are awsome.

sound: 9
story: 2 (just because it is a teacher not a quest)
grafics: 9
ending: n/a
overall: i gave it a 9.5

P.S. Talk to the barrel to get a suprise
February 16th, 2004
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Male Australia
Time to modify my initial review..

The plot is... find out about how to get a boat and then row the boat, find an island, and learn that the noobies are taking over and Redink wasn't something done about it. As for story, you get to meet a number of Dinkers from the network and the DMOD includes actually answers they gave the author.

Bonus: Dukie lights up! The end boss is Kory! And WC gives you the noobie cannon!! Not mention changing palettes thanks to redink's wonderful redink.exe ver 0.03 (beta0

Plus you can activate tutorial mode and find out about the scripts that are attached to various sprites, plus what the commands do, or you can just turn tutorial mode off and play the DMOD.

I guess I could've put more into some stuff, but the aim was just to demonstrate how to make boating work... and to do that I felt I had to go into a bit of detail about scripting... and then I felt, hmmm better make it interesting for those not keen on scripting... so in went some Dinkers, and an End Boss... the rest is history.
February 13th, 2004
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Noble Male United Kingdom
This is no ordinary d-mod, in that, it's not a d-mod at all. It is a t-mod, and it's main purpose is not to entertain, but to educate people in the ways of Dinking.
Now, people have tried to do this before. ehasl once was making, and I released an extremely poor tutorial mod; Simonk has beaten anything similar hands down.
This file will aid n00b Dinkers greatly, teaching them about code, and what I especially like, basic game creation rules (Such as covering poor tile matches with sprites).
So for a beginner, this is excellent. For a more experienced Dinker, this file still has a lot to offer. It goes into so many different areas, it is hard to say that you are not picking up any useful information.

Sometimes scripts are not explained as well as they need to be in the mod itself, but as the source code is so wonderfully fashioned, it presents no great problems.

An outstanding effort.