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Dink V. Zagor

Dink sums it up. From the COTAPTD project.
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Released:July 31st, 2001
File Size:2.61 MB
Release Notes:Demo 2
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October 1st, 2002
Demo 2
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Peasant She/Her
King Daniel summons Dink. Dink has to free the land of King Daniel’s brother from an evil wizard, defend the country against an invasion of goblins and destroy the goblin siege weapons.
In this D-mod you can not defeat Zagor; that is planned for the sequel.

Storyline: A very well worked out storyline and a good plot. The interaction with the human sprites is realistic and really ads to the adventure.

Map and graphics: The map is one of the good things about this D-mod. It has lots of details and never gets boring. The inside of houses is done very nicely. The cafe in the forest looks good too; it is hidden between rocks and bushes.

Music: The music is outstanding.

Good: This D-mod is a real adventure. And a really tough one too, which can be either good or not so good, depending on what you like, but there were too many enemies to my liking. It takes a lot of time to reach the level that gives you enough strength to kill the tougher monsters, as the goblins, and I could not defeat the end boss, no matter what. So I finally cheated to see the end. The humour in this D-mod is good. The way the people in the cafe in the forest react when Dink is talking to them is hilarious.

Not so good: Although the map is very good, there are sometimes a bit too many sprites on it. When there are also monsters on the screen, it becomes real crowded and you do not have any room to fight or dodge. Sometimes even walking is difficult because there are so many obstacles. You have to cheat to stand a fair change of just playing, let alone finishing, this D-mod.

Overall: A good storyline, good gameplay, and a good adventure.

Fit for: Everybody who wants to enjoy a very good D-mod and does not mind cheating.
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