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Dink Smallwood: Achievement Unlocked Edition

The achievements menu. Little did Dink know, exposure to Quacker's duck blood gave him avian flu, and he died shortly thereafter.
"Dink Smallwood: Achievement Unlocked Edition" is a modification of the original game to add "achievements" such as you might earn in a game on Steam or on Microsoft or Sony consoles. There are 27 achievements to earn, ranging from simple (Kill Quackers) to extreme (win without saving or buying Hellfire, bow lore, or a light sword).

Achievements give you points that go toward your "Dinkerscore." When you have enough points, you can unlock 5 silly extras. Achievements, Dinkerscore and extra unlocks are shared across saves.

This version has only been tested by the author, so bug reports are appreciated.
Released:February 17th, 2015
File Size:603.60 KB
Release Notes:*Made it so that trees burned with Hellfire count toward Smokey's Nemesis achievement.
*Made SmileStein's farm event lock the screen in order to prevent player from leaving without killing the pillbugs, making it impossible to get Genocide achievement.
*Fixed extras menu that would falsely display "not enough points" when selecting certain items.
*Increased enemy count for Genocide achievement (some enemies I missed in earlier tests).
*Made goblins on Mog screen count toward Genocide monster count.
*Increased tree count for Smokey's Nemesis achievement (there was a tree in Edge of the World I thought was impossible to burn. It isn't).
*Removed Lord of Dinkers achievement. The saving requirement was ridiculous, but it was too easy without it. I tried some alternatives, but none of them were hard enough without having a ridiculously long list of restrictions.
*Adjusted point requirements for extras to reflect lack of Lord of Dinkers achievement.
*Fix: equipping Dinksaber used to set sound for all swords to Dinksaber sound.
*Fixed Colored Blood extra: If you set blood back to red, the setting wouldn't save; now it does.
*Changed it so that hitting Seth with something other than fist disqualifies you from Powerful Pugilist only for the duration of that fight, not for that entire run (remember, the screen doesn't lock when fighting Seth)
*Fixed color of certain lines of dialogue in the Secret Bonus.
*It's now ACTUALLY required to kill everyone on the parade screen to get Parade of Death achievement.
*Fixed typo when talking to King after getting all achievements.

Bugs from original game fixed:
*Fixed some lines of dialogue that wouldn't display.
*Moved a slime that is stuck in the wall on screen 610.
*Removed the fountain script from the chairs in the church.
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March 6th, 2018
Score : 9.5 exceptional
King He/Him United States bloop
A mother ducking wizard 
Dink Smallwood: Achievement Unlocked Edition is the best way to play the original game.

It seems simple - add achievements to the original game. And it is kind of simple; but it makes it more fun to seek out different experiences that were in the original game.