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Quest of Life: Part 1 (The)

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Released:August 31st, 2000
File Size:226.19 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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September 22nd, 2002
Score : 8.2 good
Peasant She/Her
Before SimonK with The Creeping Sands and SabreTrout with A Knight’s tale (both D-mods created within 72 hours) there was Quest for life part I, created in 48 hours.

Storyline: Dink has to go through some tests to prove himself. Wizard Kelben gives the tasks to him. That is the whole story; you are not told why you have to complete the tasks, although you are told at the end of the game that part II is about to follow, so perhaps that is why.

Map and graphics: Mapping is done nicely. The only new graphics are the ones on the title screen and those are not very good looking.

Music: Fair.

Good: It is interesting to see that, although there is no interaction with sprites, this is a playable D-mod with an adventure. There is only one human sprite, a blacksmith, but he has nothing to say and Dink has nothing to ask; in the choice menu there is only the “Leave” option. Dink receives his tasks by notes and letters. Cave entrances and such only appear in a certain part of the game. You wonder where you should go, and suddenly you see a new entrance. Although not very logical, since entrances tend to stay where they are, it does make sense when you realise that the tasks are given by a wizard.

Not so good: Some of the enemies move very fast and since you do not have that much space you can get killed easily. There could have been more savebots in between screenlocks and enemies towards the end of the game. Some hardness errors on sprites. The warp to the inside of the house of Dink is not on the door, but somewhere in front of it. There is an enemy running around in front of Dink's house; that is not very handy since you have to be there often to get healed and to get the next task.

Overall: A D-mod that is quite special since there is no interaction with sprites, but you do have an adventure.

Fit for: If you want to have some small adventures and complete some task, this is a good choice.
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