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Ghosts of the Cast : Seth's Revenge (The)

From the COTPATD project.
Part 2 of The Ghosts of the Cast.

With Speacial Features such as Duck-Killer, an interview with Dink Smallwood and Dink's death by Ducks.
Released:July 7th, 2003
File Size:198.85 KB
Release Notes:1.0
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March 10th, 2004
Score : 0.1 horrible
Peasant She/Her
I had my hopes up for this D-mod since it is the second one the author released and I was sure he learned something from his first one and from the reviews he got. The thing to do when you release a D-mod is to read the reviews and to see if you can improve anything. And if it is the first D-mod you released it would be a very sensible thing to learn from your mistakes. Right? Wrong! The fact is the author did not. This D-mod is even worse then the first one!

Storyline: You have to kill Seth.

Map and graphics: The map is tiny, empty and has no borders. Tiny and empty I can sort of live with, but a map with no borders is dreadfully irritating.

Music: There was some music, but it could not help a bit to make the game any better.

Good: ?

Not so good: The story is almost non existent. In fact the only thing you have to do is walk to the north in a straight line without paying any attention to monsters and end bosses and you have won the game. It is that simple – and that boring. After you have killed (or ignored) the end boss you suddenly come onto several screens with screenlocks. Nowhere are screenlocks to be found and certainly not on the screen with the end boss, but after that it is suddenly somehow necessary to use screenlocks? On those screens are ducks. You can kill them but it just stops on a screen and that is that: end of the game.

Overall: A real shame that the author did not use the remarks in the reviews of his first D-mod to make a better one. This one is worse then the first one.

Fit for: No one.