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Dink 007

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Released:February 24th, 2001
File Size:655.11 KB
Release Notes:v1.01
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September 26th, 2002
Score : 0.6 horrible
Peasant Male
Well, Dink 007,

I would have thought somebody would have decided to make this D-MOD somewhere along the line, but not like this. I'm trying to keep cool, but it just isn't my thing, sorry!

Weaknesses: Hardness errors in here are terrible, walk through a wall, and come out in a room that is 5 odd screens away. The bugs are terrible also. I find there is really no storyline, absolutely NO STORYLINE whatsoever! The intro says something like...

"Before there was Dink... and stuff...there was Dink 007, your mission is to go to the chief"

I did not know WHO the cheif was, nor where to find him, and found he recided near a buggy forest. After the intro, the screen is unfroze, and you begin. But wait, what am I doing, where am I going, WHY DID I DOWNLOAD DINK 007? None of these questions are answered, and you begin walking around a small, buggy town (I like using the word "buggy") no sense of what to do. I thought you would run around performing outstanding stunts, when I saw the title screen I began thinking, but the game MADE me write this review... This is not what you would first think

Strengths: Punch people that say punk, do hours of training in 1-5 seconds. You get to cry when you find out what Dink 007 is like...

Overall : Well I think you can see, I really did not like this D-MOD, sorry if I seem, mean, but this is my true opinion. You do not have to follow what I say, but take a look, at least
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