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January 6th, 2003
Score : 1.0 horrible
Peasant Female
Purpose: To make scripts in .c format with the aid of this programme.

Installation: Run the setup.exe that can be found in the disk 1 folder that is made after unzipping.

Use: After opening you see a screen with the void main (void) procedure. You can then insert various procedures, such as attack, talk, push, talk, hit and so forth. There are other options: add an item, give Dink full health or change his stats, give Dink gold, change his speed, give him the possibility to fly or not, and insert a conversation. The last one gives you the choice between Dink and current sprite.

Good: It is nice to have access to certain commands as giving Dink full health or giving him a certain amount of gold since you do not have to look them up if you forgot but there are only a few of them. The idea of making a programme that is a sort of script generator is very nice.

Not so good: There is no explanation on what this programme should do and there are no guide lines on how to install it. You can not copy, neither by ctrl+c, nor by using the copy option in the programme itself, anything from this programme to any other programme. There is no undo option. You can not open a new file without having to save the current one. The option preferences does not work. There is no uninstall option. The conversation only has Dink and the current sprite as an option.
And those are only the minor flaws in this programme. There are by far not enough options to choose from to make this a workable programme (for example: colour code is set to `3, and say_stop is default with no other options), but the biggest error of all is that the scripts given do not work. I made a two line conversation with the talk sequence and the talk/begin talk/end procedure and it ended up looking like this:

void talk ( void )

say_stop(@Hello, Im Dink.@, 1);

say_stop(@`3Hello!@, ¤t_sprite);


Overall: Since the scripts do not work, this is a bad programme.

Fit for: No one.