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Scar of David (The)

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Released:March 26th, 2006
File Size:426.88 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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April 6th, 2022
Score : 6.0 fair
The Scar of David is an interesting one.
On one hand, it seems to be the first non-RTSoft D-Mod ever released (at least according to COTPATD), has some funny moments, and a secret. It also has a sort-of unique aspect, using the tiles as ground that were made for cave walls in the original Dink. And it features two new graphics (though they don't seem to be useful for other D-Mods).
"Why the low rating then?" - you might say.
Despite having some cool aspects, the D-Mod itself is very short, containing very few combat and puzzle sections. The puzzles are not what I'd call logical either. The secret and the ending are also quite unsatisfying.
As a proof of concept, the D-Mod is pretty good. As a playable experience, it falls short.
I'd recommend this if you are intrested in how things started for D-Mods, or maybe if you ran out of D-Mods to play.
Otherwise, there are better options to play.
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