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Flower Blood

Tried of the violence of Dink Smallwood? Turn all blood into flying flowers at a touch of a key with this add-on.
Released:July 20th, 2001
File Size:95.16 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
May 23rd, 2002
Score : 6.9 fair
Peasant Male Netherlands
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After you've installed this small add-on with the installationprogram, it's possible to use one key (that's / on your numpad) to change the bloodgraphics into flowers. To use it, just press / on your numpad and use the same key to turn it off and get the normal red blood back.

You'll see a flower as blood near the monster you've just killed or hurted. The ducks spurt more flowers after you've chopped their heads off and they walk around with the spurting blood animation. When you really kill them, a ring or flowers appears instead of the animation that looks a bit like a blood explosion. These flower graphics are also used when a monster hurts Dink or Dink hurts himself when he touches a sharp object.

It's ok to have flowers as blood but for how long? Killing a monster and then there comes a flower as blood doesn't seem realistic if you, for example, kill the monster between some other real flowers. Anyway, it's fun to have this add-on active but then you'll change back to normal blood, to slash monsters like normally.

Just like the other blood (Smiley Blood), there also isn't an easy way to remove the Flower Blood - in case you want that. You'd have to look in the dinkstory (key-111.c) and in the dinkgraphics dir for the files to remove. No problemo for me but maybe there are people who have problems with that.