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Flower Blood

January 31st, 2003
Score : 7.8 good
Peasant She/Her
Purpose: To have flowers instead of blood.

Installation: Just run the programme and it will install itself.

Use: Press the / key while in the game to activate the flowerblood and press / to deactivate it.

Good: It looks cute and funny. When you hit an enemy once a white flower appears that falls on the ground and it then looks like it just grows there. When you kill an enemy a circle of little white flowers appears that becomes bigger and then disappears. This flowerblood will do well for those who can not stand the side of blood, or for little children who want to play Dink anyway but who do not want to see any blood.

Not so good: The programme installs itself, which is fine for those who think that is easier, but the drawback is that there is no uninstall option, which always annoys me. You can of course delete it, but then you would have to know you have to search the graphics folder (the graphics are in dinkgraphicseffectsflower) and the story folder (the file used is key-111). The / key did not work for me, so I changed the name of the script and then it worked fine.

Overall: A funny little add on.

Fit for: If you are tired of blood, try funny flowerblood!
May 23rd, 2002
Score : 6.9 fair
Peasant He/Him Netherlands
Any fool can use a computer. Many do. 
After you've installed this small add-on with the installationprogram, it's possible to use one key (that's / on your numpad) to change the bloodgraphics into flowers. To use it, just press / on your numpad and use the same key to turn it off and get the normal red blood back.

You'll see a flower as blood near the monster you've just killed or hurted. The ducks spurt more flowers after you've chopped their heads off and they walk around with the spurting blood animation. When you really kill them, a ring or flowers appears instead of the animation that looks a bit like a blood explosion. These flower graphics are also used when a monster hurts Dink or Dink hurts himself when he touches a sharp object.

It's ok to have flowers as blood but for how long? Killing a monster and then there comes a flower as blood doesn't seem realistic if you, for example, kill the monster between some other real flowers. Anyway, it's fun to have this add-on active but then you'll change back to normal blood, to slash monsters like normally.

Just like the other blood (Smiley Blood), there also isn't an easy way to remove the Flower Blood - in case you want that. You'd have to look in the dinkstory (key-111.c) and in the dinkgraphics dir for the files to remove. No problemo for me but maybe there are people who have problems with that.
December 8th, 2004
Score : 7.8 good
Peasant He/Him Norway
GlennGlenn doesn't want a custom title. 
Haha this one is funny, it turns the blood in Dink Smallwood into flowers, You have to install it, and when you want to play with flower blood then press F or something I can`t actually remember
June 3rd, 2004
Score : 7.0 good
If you get bored of watching all that blood on the screen, this file brings a nice change to things, though you'll propably get bored of watching those flowers much sooner than the blood. Luckily you can then easily change back into Red Ink by as little trouble as a push of a button!
January 26th, 2003
Score : 8.4 good
Peasant He/Him
I thought Flower Blood was quite good.
Now my sister plays Dink Smallwood all the time.

So far I have found no bugs at all.
I think somebody should try making something to get rid of the blood surrounding enemies when you kill them.

Good Job!
June 26th, 2002
Score : 7.7 good
Cute. Maybe not exactly neccessary, but cute nonetheless. It's true, sometimes you just get sick and tired of the same old flying red goop and feel that it's time for a change. And why not have that change be floral? what better way to say, "let's keep the violence down to a minimum, dude" than with flower power?
With flower blood comes grave responsibility, though. Well, not really. That's a nice thing about this neat little addon, is that it's easy to turn on and off with the touch of a key. Tired of the peaceful hippie flowers? Then just push the button and you're back to good old blood-and-guts! Couldn't be easier.
Overall, I do recommend this if you're bored on a rainy day and would like a little something to spice up your life. It's easy enough to download and install, but still not a must.