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I'm Alli or Allison, depending what you want to call me. I am 16 and from Minnesota. My favorite things are currently Transmetropolitan comics, "hanging out" with my friends (although I hate that phrase), and YIG. I like KMFDM and Ben Folds (very different, I know, but my tastes are varied). I do not like Rammstien, but I enjoy their pyrotechnics. I work at the not-so-local library, and my hobbies include (but aren't limited to) videogaming, being online, and arting.

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2003-01-31 15:20:53
: : and they bite people, and they bark annoyingly, and they scare you with growling, they stink, they take craps everywhere, they are so incapable of taking care of themselves, that if you leave them alone, they start whining as if it was doomsday or something. Oh, and if you didn't know it yet, they only act like that cause they know you are their main source of food. They don't love you. They just know you're the boss, and if they suck up to you, they know they will get their treats. As simple as that. And there's no need in arguing with this, it's the cold truth. Humans give their pets human attributes, while in fact they have none. Love is a word that is non-existant in the animal kingdom. So the next time your dog(s) act up lovely, they either want food, or to go out.

: Thank you. You could not possibly be more correct.

Aww... I like dogs better... they're so cute! And you may say that my dog doesn't love me... but I don't think it's true. She may be stupid, but I've lived with her for twelve years, and I love her plenty, and I think she loves me back. No one will ever convince me otherwise. So there.

And just so you know, Tal, I plan on living with about 17 dogs when I'm older. (not really. That would be my sister.)

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