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Island of the Giants

Dink goes on an adventure to giant island.
Released:October 2nd, 1999
File Size:573.53 KB
Release Notes:v1.1
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October 19th, 2002
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant Female
Giants have been raiding the town of Glendith, and when Dink visits Glendith, he is asked by a wizard to go to the leader of the Giants who lives on the Island of Giants and try to make peace.

Storyline: There is a good story to this D-mod, since things are not what you expect them enemies turn out to be friends.

Map and graphics: The map in the beginning of the story is done nicely, but the maps of the towns of Glendith and Pandor and the Island of the Giants are empty. However, since it is a rather small D-mod, you do not notice it that much. The graphic of the end boss is new, but it is a very simple one.

Music: There is no music, but that was a deliberate choice of the author.

Good: The reaction of Dink when facing the end boss is funny. It is a reaction of a hero who has seen thousands of enemies and just has to sigh when facing another one. You can level up attack, defense and magic by buying those points. You can buy or get several weapons and spells.

Not so good: You do not have the feeling you are on an adventure while playing this D-mod. There is no excitement and it is all a bit too plain.
There is no screenlock on the end boss, so when you accidentally go a bit too much to the north, you exit the screen and can start over again. A lot of tiles do not blend, especially in the first cave and on the seashore. The inside of houses are surrounded by coloured tiles. The D-mod is a bit too easy: you level up easily, get all kinds of goodies and with the spells the enemies are easily beaten, even the stronger ones. The end boss does not attack, but just wanders a bit. There is not that much interaction with sprites. The idea of a park is a town is nice, but the park is cut of abruptly since the screens on the north have the background of the town, and the trees are cut halfway.

Remark: This D-mod comes with a

Overall: A somewhat mediocre D-mod in gameplay.

Fit for: If you want to play an easy D-mod, this is the one to download.
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