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December 18th, 2002
Score : 4.1 tolerable
Peasant Female
I think it is a bit tricky to give your D-mod such a name. It could be a parody of course, and the first time I saw this title, I thought it was. But if it is, it is not clear at all because this D-mod ės pointless.

Storyline: There is no begin, no plot, no end, and only somewhat of a story. You start on some screens with fences, defeating enemies, then you can go by warps to several places where you can do some things without knowing why you have to do them, and finally you end up in Stonebrook and you relive part of the original Dink Smallwood.

Map and graphics: The map is nicely done, and the part of Stonebrook is good. No new graphics. The title screen is different and very original.

Music: The music is good, especially in the beginning.

Good: The idea of Dink going back to the past and trying to save his mother – again – is nicely found.

Not so good: The story to this D-mod is pointless: there is no intro in which the story is explained and no end.
The warp inside the house with the knight warpes you exactly to the warp that is on the outside of the house, so you are warped back in – if you do not use the editor, you are stuck. Mr. Smilestein says you can visit his daughter upstairs, but there is no way you can go there. The same goes for his remarks on his farm; he says it is to the west, but there is no west outside Stonebrook and you can not go there.

Overall: Nice idea, but badly worked out, and a nasty bug.

Fit for: Do not download this one for the story.