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MimiFish God Mode

This is my version of God Mode. I understand that there are 3 different God Mode cheat files in DN, but since none of them really live up to name of "God", I think my file does make Dink live forever (unless the story really tell Dink to die). attempts for creating a God Mode in the past, I don't see why you should reject my file which I believe that it does live up to the term of God.
Released:July 19th, 2002
File Size:9.65 KB
Release Notes:1.0
January 4th, 2003
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Female
Purpose: To be nearly invincible in any D-mod.

Installation: You have to copy the key-122.c file into the story folder of the original Dink Smallwood, and the .bmp files into the main graphics folder of the original Dink Smallwood.

Use: Press F11 when playing and you are in god mode.

Good: You are indeed nearly invincible. You can just run into a (strong) monster and it will not even hurt you.

Not so good: The guidelines on how to install might be not clear to newbies. The godmodereadme.txt says that you should copy the .bmp files into the main folder of the original Dink Smallwood, but then you do not see the ring around Dink’s head, but an arrow on his legs instead.

Overall: A good file that works al right, apart from the ring around Dink’s head.

Fit for: If you want to be nearly invincible, this is a good download.