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Moneyspell (The)

From the COTPATD project.
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Released:March 8th, 2001
File Size:173.58 KB
Release Notes:Demo Beta
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June 13th, 2003
Demo Beta
Score : 0.9 horrible
Money, spell, I entertained, He he..


Well, you talk to a wizard, then another one. You can walk in the over-sized forest, with tiles that don't blend. And lastly, you can hit some people in houses who say some almost-slightly amusing comments. I didn't find this very fun.



You must find the Moneyspell, which gives you money. In one part, a wizard says he can tell you where it is if you kill a bonca in his basement, but when you do so, he just says the same thing. When I checked in Dinkedit what was supposed to happen, it wasn't any better. He simply states: "Sorry! This is the end of this d-mod!"



Erm.. What?


I wouldn't wast your time with it.