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Released:December 30th, 2002
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Release Notes:v1.00
January 12th, 2003
Score : 8.7 good
Peasant She/Her
Purpose: To have Dink wallpaper on your computer.

Installation: There are no guide lines on how to install it, and although that might be very simple (and it is, in fact) if you do not know how to do it, you can not use this file. I had to ask before I knew it: you have to place the .jpg into any directory, go to the desktop, right click and you are in the background tab. Click on browse and select the .jpg.

Good: It is a very nice idea to have some Dink wallpaper. The picture is divided into four sections: two outside scenes and two inside scenes. On the outside ones Dink is fighting, on the inside ones there is one of Dink fighting and one of Dink in a bar or house.

Not so good: The tiles (wood) used for one of the inside sections is not stamped correctly. The black lines dividing the four sections and the black box in the middle do not have straight lines.

Overall: A very nice and original idea indeed.

Fit for: If you can not live without Dink, you can now enjoy his wallpaper.